Thursday, June 28, 2007

Naps, Naps, Naps...what would I do without them? This week I decided to start to get serious about getting Wyatt into a nap schedule. I didn't have Evelyn in one till she was about 10 wks, so I'm feeling pretty ambitious since Wyatt is only 6 wks. So far, so good. Yesterday he took 2 decent naps and a little cat-napping in the evening and he seemed to sleep better at night. Today I'm aiming for 3 decent naps. The only bad thing about a nap schedule is that it tends to tie you to the house a bit. Our only excursions seems to be walks around the block or playing in the yard. I'm ok with it for now as it's quite the ordeal to get all three of us out of the house anyway. And with him still eating every 2-3 hrs during the day it's just easier to stay home.
Evelyn's doing a little better this week with the jealousy. I'm able to spend a little more alone time with her when Wyatt naps. I'm also getting the hang of involving her in caring for Wyatt. This morning she told me she was "Mommie's heppa" (Mommy's helper) as she put Wyatt's diaper in the garbage for me. I'm also looking into an evening activity that she and I can attend alone. Maybe a music class?


Kristine said...

Naps! Wow. That one word is so much! It took me a while to put Graycen on a schedule/routine. She kind of fell into one and I let it happen that way. It's worth it. I remember reading, the more/better they sleep during the day, the better they will sleep at night. They aren't overtired and can rest. Good luck on your nap times.
p.s. welcome to the blogging world!

Missy said...

Hi April! What a gorgeous picture of your babies!!! I love it! Welcome to the world of blogging. :)