Monday, July 16, 2007

Does not going to church = bad Christian???

I'm not quite sure why I hold this double standard for myself. I don't feel other non-regular-church-goers are bad Christians, so why do I feel that way for myself? I feel bad that I've only taken Wyatt to church once since he's been born. I feel bad that the last time I took Evelyn to church was on Easter. Most of the time it's just easier to go by myself if I can. Evelyn squirms, talks, wants to run know the normal toddler behavior when you want them to sit still. I feel like I don't get much out of mass when she's along because I'm too busy trying to keep her happy/quiet and not disturbing the people around us. I remember before having kids being distracted during mass by a child nearby and thinking to myself that I wouldn't take my kids to church until they could sit still for an hour. Lofty expectation for a child of any age? Yes.

I just feel like the past two months I've been so wrapped up in trying to achieve status-quo in our household that I've forgotten about my relationship with God. Last night I realized I hadn't even thanked him for giving us Wyatt. So I've decided that if I can't swing getting to church on a regular basis in this point in my life, I can at least make a quite "date" with God to have a conversation once a week.


LutherLiz said...

April, I am certain that church attendance does not determine the quality of Christian you are. I have many families that all but disappear from church when they have young children at home. They often reappear when their children turn 3 and can start Sunday School. There is nothing wrong with finding personal time. Try not to feel guilty about having to miss it from time to time. If you'd like some ideas for devotional stuff to do on your own I could get you some names.

Emilie said...

I agree with Liz. :) And I think your feelings are normal.

We sit in one of the back pews, near the outside edge, and I've found that many other families with young babies sit back there, too ... sometimes walking or rocking their babies in the back of the church, sometimes letting their toddlers crawl or toddle around, etc. They're starting to become familiar faces!

Sunny said...

I would think most all churches would have a nursery you could put the children in.
we need to gather together to uplift one another and support. the church should help you. I mean obviously it does not make you bad that you feel you can't go to church for that reason, but I'm surprised the church did not contact you and try to help you know? maybe you should just look for a different church that is more supportive of family.
that would be better than not going at all.