Sunday, August 5, 2007

Craigslist Vent!!!

Over the past few years we've had our ups and downs with Craigslist. I always have to remind myself that things often fall through or no responses. Our latest project, building a deck, I've tried looking for people to build it on Craigslist. One guy came two weeks ago and it turned out he really didn't know how to build what we wanted. I felt bad after he left because that wasted both our evenings.

My latest contact sounded really promising. He is a licensed contractor and does home projects on the side. He gave me a ball park estimate over email and setup a time to meet for yesterday. He was a no show. I of course hope that nothing happened to him, but it was weird to not get a phone call or email afterwards with an apology or explanation. Seriously, what kind of people set up appts. and then not keep them? I just feel very naive because perhaps I trust people too much.

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