Sunday, August 5, 2007

A little bragging about my boy!

Wyatt had his 2nd haircut last week. I think it's easier with boys, because you can just zip their heads with an electric clipper and you are done. He sat content in the Bumbo while I did it.



Pretty darn good if I say so myself!!! Did I mention how big he's getting? I've started moving him into 6-9m clothes and he's probably between 16-17lbs. Yikes!! He's in the 97th percentile for weight and that makes me sad because I want him to stay a little baby for a little while longer. There's something so sweet about them being little. He's also an awesome night sleeper. I feed and put him to bed at 7pm, he wakes up to eat at 4:30am and then sleeps till 8:30am.

(If I could be guaranteed another one like him, I'd be willing to have a 3rd child.)

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Missy said...

Great job on the haircut. I'm surprised he's had two already! I waited until Alex was one year old and he had a lot of hair! :) I tried cutting his hair one time myself with the clippers and it was torture for both of us. Now I'm back to paying big money... :)