Monday, August 20, 2007

Up and Running

This is week 2 of having a double running stroller and I'm loving every run we take! I got a great deal on this one from Craigslist and both Evelyn and Wyatt enjoy our jaunts. I don't run very far with them, only two miles. I worry about them getting too antsy, but maybe this week I'll see if I can take them a little longer. I time it so that we go out about 1/2 hr before Wyatt needs a morning nap. We get back and I put him down, pop on Sesame Street for Evelyn and I'm able to take a short shower and get dressed.

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Sara said...

April, they are SO cute! I've been looking for a jogging stroller on Craig's List too. Any tips on what to look for? I've never owned one before.