Tuesday, September 4, 2007

She's Two!!!!

I can hardly believe Evelyn's already 2 yrs old. Where does the time go? She turned 2 on August 27th and we had a quiet celebration here at the house with her grandparents and "yellow cake" (requested by the b-day girl). The phone was ringing off the hook all night with her relatives and friends calling to wish her a happy birthday. She loved it.

We had a pool party for her on Saturday and there were 11 little ones in our backyard. The weather was beautiful and Evelyn loved having everyone here. (The only downside is that she had a little head cold and everyone else in the house caught it too.) The good thing is that she didn't want her "guk" while she was sick and hasn't had it for the past 5 days. This maybe goodbye to the pacifier! Good timing!

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Kristine said...

Happy Belated Birthday Evelyn!