Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Status Quo

Everything has finally returned to normal after Wyatt's first cold. It wasn't too bad and he tolerated it really well. We've been enjoying the warm weather and have been busy raking leaves. Looking forward to Halloween tomorrow and to see how Evelyn likes trick-or-treating.

I made my own applesauce this afternoon. It was really easy and yummy:

4 apples peeled, cored and chopped
3/4 c water
1/4 c sugar

Simmer over medium head for 15 min. Add cinnamon to taste. I plan on freezing the leftovers for Wyatt to eat.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Evelyn's wiskers?

Apparently Evelyn felt the need to shave this afternoon when I asked her to go wash her hands after coming in from outside. Neil accidentally left his razor within arms reach. There aren't enough swear words to capture what I felt. Luckily it was only a nick on the chin.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The dog-days (or nights) of parenting

Funny, when you picture yourself having a family it includes fun times, happy times...everyone getting along. You don't picture wake-up calls every hour from your sick kids. This my friends is the dog-days of parenting. It's funny how soon I forgot what it was like when Evelyn was a baby and sick. Her nights were terrible because she was so congested. We did everything we could think of, but in the end she was most comfortable when in bed with one of us.

So now we're going through it again with Wyatt. The nice thing is that I know this will pass, I know in time as he gets bigger he'll be able to handle colds a little better too. Experience is a wonderful thing. I know that if I can manage to get a little sleep too, I might be able to dodge this cold that the kids have. I know that it helps for Neil and I to take turns with night duty so that one of us doesn't get worn out. (Ye-ha, tonight is my night off!)

There's something about your own sick child that pulls your heartstrings. You just want them to be happy and healthy and there's not a whole lot you can do for them when they are sick. Possibly the best thing I can think of is taking care of yourself to make sure you don't get sick too.

Happy sleeping to you!

Monday, October 22, 2007

What's worse than One sick kid????

Two sick kids!!!! Wyatt's coming down with his first cold today. Evelyn started sneezing on Sat. and came down with a cold. Wyatt started sneezing and coughing this morning and probably has the same thing. This is just in time for the FDA pulling all the cold medications for infants and children. I only ever gave Evelyn a decongestant (nothing for coughing), but as a parent it helped her sleep at night. And I can tell you the fastest way for a kid to get better is by getting some much needed ZZZ's. I still have one bottle of infant decongestant, but I think I'll save that for when we go on vacation in Dec. if anyone gets sick.

We're lucky because both our kids are usually in a good mood when they're sick. Maybe a little more clingy, but still at least they aren't miserable. So we will be sticking around the house this week so as to not expose others to our germs. I have my fingers crossed that Neil and I won't catch the bug. Although, with all the snot and sneezes, it's usually inevitable that I catch it.

Last week Wyatt tried Squash and Avocados. Both winners as he eagerly gobbled them down. I think we'll hold off on introducing anything else new until he feels better. Hope all of you stay germ free!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

All by my lonesome

Neil left for a 3-day business trip to Oklahoma early this AM. This is my first time alone with the kids for 3 days and 3 nights. I'll have a little break on Wed. since my IL's will take Evelyn for the day. Shouldn't be too bad if the nights go ok. Can't guarantee that the kids will get their usual baths. (Neil usually helps me with bathtime).

Wyatt's been a little funky all weekend. I think he got a little behind on his sleep and that spiraled out of control Sat. night. He was an unhappy little guy with lots of crying and not a lot of sleeping. At this age (5 months) I'm always wondering: teething? cold? growth spurt? As much as I love this cutesy baby stage it's a lot easier once you get past a year. And it gets even easier after 2 yrs.

Am I a bad mom because I kept day-dreaming about our kids being able to take care of themselves? The ages of 8 and 10 sound glorious to me. The kids can get up on their own, serve themselves breakfast. Entertain themselves and even have regular chores. I'm probably forgetting that by the time Evelyn's 10 she'll probably be going through adolescence and hate me. But still, maybe there's the chance she won't.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The adventures of Miss-Fancy-Pants and Mr-Goobers

(Aka. Evelyn and Wyatt)

So the other night Evelyn decides to sit on Neil's head while he's laying on the floor and exclaim, "Poop-face, Poop-face"....where does she come up with this stuff? She's also into saying, "Oh my Goodness" and "What the heck" in her daily ponderings, yet she doesn't always us it in the right context. For example this morning at Menards she said, "What the heck....that's a big crane". Hmm...doesn't sound quite right, but it's still funny.

As I walked around the store I was talking to myself saying, "I need to find a guy to help us". Evelyn spots the nearest shopper and says, "Hey you guy, can you help us?" He didn't look to interested in helping us find the carpet shampoo. I found a sales lady and asked her and Evelyn said, "You're not a guy!" Funny, she was taking "guy" so litterally.

Here's a funny picture of a Halloween costume that's just a tad too small:

Wyatt still seems to be the most content baby. We start feeding him rice cereal....he sleeps through the night. Gotta love that. He's also rolling over from his back to his tummy in the crib, so that probably provides a more comfortable sleeping position. He gives off the impression of "I can do anything" with his ever contant smile present.

Home "stuff"

Do you ever look around your house and realize it's looking a little neglected? Ours is looking that way...... and a little dirty too. I've been meaning to try to wash our carpet this past year and I've put other stuff before it. I'm embarassed, but we haven't washed our carpets since we moved in. That's 3yrs! Gross!!! I stare at the same spots in the living room everyday and so far "wishing" hasn't made them go away. So that's the big "To-Do" this weekend, washing the carpets.

I was also inspired by my mother in law to take off the slip covers for our couches. Gheez, they look brand new. I wonder how long it will take "Miss Sticky-fingers" or Mr. Drools-a-lot" to mess them up. Seriously though, it's my fault. I convinced Neil that we should get lemon yellow couches. Not so smart now that we have kids. Oh well, at least they were on clearance. I'm sure after the first stain I'll relax a little bit.

Tonight we're going out to get new blinds for the living room as well. For 3 yrs our neighbors have been able to spy on us through our large window. Not anymore!!! They won't get to see me folding laundry, looking through mail or changing diapers. Poor them...I wonder if we were good entertainment.

I hope our living room feels sexy after it's makeover.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Fun

Great news!!! I'm going to be Godmother to my new nephew Archer!!! He's 1 month younger than Wyatt and will be Baptised Thanksgiving weekend. I'm so honored to have such a special place in his life!!!

We've been all about the outdoors these past couple weeks in anticipation of cooler days ahead. Friday night we headed to Victoria Valley Apple Orchard in Shoreview and got some delicious Harlson and Cortland apples. We stopped at a nearby park and had a picnic afterwards.

This morning Evelyn helped me rake leaves and enjoyed jumping in the piles. I hope I remember times like this forever. Wyatt is growing so big and Evelyn is asserting her independance. I feel like before I know it they won't need me so much anymore.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Growing Tree

I came up with the idea of painting the wall between the kids bedrooms and using it as a growing chart. I plan on taking a picture of the kids against the wall at every birthday to show how much they're growing. I'll probably also end up marking their height on the wall as well. It was fun to paint! Here it is: