Thursday, October 11, 2007

The adventures of Miss-Fancy-Pants and Mr-Goobers

(Aka. Evelyn and Wyatt)

So the other night Evelyn decides to sit on Neil's head while he's laying on the floor and exclaim, "Poop-face, Poop-face"....where does she come up with this stuff? She's also into saying, "Oh my Goodness" and "What the heck" in her daily ponderings, yet she doesn't always us it in the right context. For example this morning at Menards she said, "What the heck....that's a big crane". Hmm...doesn't sound quite right, but it's still funny.

As I walked around the store I was talking to myself saying, "I need to find a guy to help us". Evelyn spots the nearest shopper and says, "Hey you guy, can you help us?" He didn't look to interested in helping us find the carpet shampoo. I found a sales lady and asked her and Evelyn said, "You're not a guy!" Funny, she was taking "guy" so litterally.

Here's a funny picture of a Halloween costume that's just a tad too small:

Wyatt still seems to be the most content baby. We start feeding him rice cereal....he sleeps through the night. Gotta love that. He's also rolling over from his back to his tummy in the crib, so that probably provides a more comfortable sleeping position. He gives off the impression of "I can do anything" with his ever contant smile present.

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