Monday, October 15, 2007

All by my lonesome

Neil left for a 3-day business trip to Oklahoma early this AM. This is my first time alone with the kids for 3 days and 3 nights. I'll have a little break on Wed. since my IL's will take Evelyn for the day. Shouldn't be too bad if the nights go ok. Can't guarantee that the kids will get their usual baths. (Neil usually helps me with bathtime).

Wyatt's been a little funky all weekend. I think he got a little behind on his sleep and that spiraled out of control Sat. night. He was an unhappy little guy with lots of crying and not a lot of sleeping. At this age (5 months) I'm always wondering: teething? cold? growth spurt? As much as I love this cutesy baby stage it's a lot easier once you get past a year. And it gets even easier after 2 yrs.

Am I a bad mom because I kept day-dreaming about our kids being able to take care of themselves? The ages of 8 and 10 sound glorious to me. The kids can get up on their own, serve themselves breakfast. Entertain themselves and even have regular chores. I'm probably forgetting that by the time Evelyn's 10 she'll probably be going through adolescence and hate me. But still, maybe there's the chance she won't.

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kristine said...

Good luck with the kiddos. I am sure you will be just fine!
No, you're not a bad mom for wishing for a *little* independence. You know, the time will come when they are doing everything on their own and you will be sad because they don't want your help anymore. Relish in this time...