Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Fun

Great news!!! I'm going to be Godmother to my new nephew Archer!!! He's 1 month younger than Wyatt and will be Baptised Thanksgiving weekend. I'm so honored to have such a special place in his life!!!

We've been all about the outdoors these past couple weeks in anticipation of cooler days ahead. Friday night we headed to Victoria Valley Apple Orchard in Shoreview and got some delicious Harlson and Cortland apples. We stopped at a nearby park and had a picnic afterwards.

This morning Evelyn helped me rake leaves and enjoyed jumping in the piles. I hope I remember times like this forever. Wyatt is growing so big and Evelyn is asserting her independance. I feel like before I know it they won't need me so much anymore.


erinlarney said...

April, what beautiful pictures! The kids are changing each week & I can't wait until we get to be all together again. Evie's loves the camera (as usual :) & Wyatt's such a blondie! Love you!

kristine said...

Cute pics! Looks like you guys had fun..... i love the very last two pics! ADORABLE!!

Missy said...

Oh my, those pictures are gorgeous! I love the last two especially. :)