Thursday, October 11, 2007

Home "stuff"

Do you ever look around your house and realize it's looking a little neglected? Ours is looking that way...... and a little dirty too. I've been meaning to try to wash our carpet this past year and I've put other stuff before it. I'm embarassed, but we haven't washed our carpets since we moved in. That's 3yrs! Gross!!! I stare at the same spots in the living room everyday and so far "wishing" hasn't made them go away. So that's the big "To-Do" this weekend, washing the carpets.

I was also inspired by my mother in law to take off the slip covers for our couches. Gheez, they look brand new. I wonder how long it will take "Miss Sticky-fingers" or Mr. Drools-a-lot" to mess them up. Seriously though, it's my fault. I convinced Neil that we should get lemon yellow couches. Not so smart now that we have kids. Oh well, at least they were on clearance. I'm sure after the first stain I'll relax a little bit.

Tonight we're going out to get new blinds for the living room as well. For 3 yrs our neighbors have been able to spy on us through our large window. Not anymore!!! They won't get to see me folding laundry, looking through mail or changing diapers. Poor them...I wonder if we were good entertainment.

I hope our living room feels sexy after it's makeover.

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