Monday, October 22, 2007

What's worse than One sick kid????

Two sick kids!!!! Wyatt's coming down with his first cold today. Evelyn started sneezing on Sat. and came down with a cold. Wyatt started sneezing and coughing this morning and probably has the same thing. This is just in time for the FDA pulling all the cold medications for infants and children. I only ever gave Evelyn a decongestant (nothing for coughing), but as a parent it helped her sleep at night. And I can tell you the fastest way for a kid to get better is by getting some much needed ZZZ's. I still have one bottle of infant decongestant, but I think I'll save that for when we go on vacation in Dec. if anyone gets sick.

We're lucky because both our kids are usually in a good mood when they're sick. Maybe a little more clingy, but still at least they aren't miserable. So we will be sticking around the house this week so as to not expose others to our germs. I have my fingers crossed that Neil and I won't catch the bug. Although, with all the snot and sneezes, it's usually inevitable that I catch it.

Last week Wyatt tried Squash and Avocados. Both winners as he eagerly gobbled them down. I think we'll hold off on introducing anything else new until he feels better. Hope all of you stay germ free!!!

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kristine said...

When I first read the title of your post, I saw: "what's worse than one SIDE KICK?" wow- where is my brain?! poor kids, hope they get better soon!