Thursday, November 29, 2007

We're Under House Arrest!

This is our 4th straight day of not leaving the house. We came down with "the crud" after our travels over the weekend and we're laying low right now. Evelyn and I came down with it Sunday/Monday. Neil and Wyatt got it Tuesday.

Poor little Wyatt, he had a brief cold a few weeks ago, but this is his first major one. He had a temp all day Tuesday and isn't really eating that much. I picked him up this morning and he felt like he had lost a little weight. My poor buddy, his nose is as red as rudolphs. At least I can control who we spread this to by keeping us all in the house. I'd hate for anyone else to get this bug. It's a bad one.

Evelyn and I are on the mend. Let's hope the boys follow suit soon. This weekend we're going to try to put up our Christmas tree. Evelyn and I have made some ornaments and I'm excited for her to decorate the tree. Other than the tree I'm not doing much decorating this year since the kids and I will be in CT visiting my folks for a good chunk on Dec.

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Emilie said...

Feel better soon, family!

We decided not to put up a full-fledged tree this year. It's tabletop for us until Daniel (and his brother) are beyond the age of grabbing and pulling and figuring out how everything works. I'm impressed that you are putting one up!