Monday, December 3, 2007

Still sick!

Neil - Strep throat
Me - sinus infection
Evelyn - cold and pink eye
Wyatt - cold, pink eye and ear infection

Oy! Day 8 of the sickness continues. My ears have been "plugged" up since about 4pm yesterday. Every noise I hear echos.

I told Neil we're going to have to celebrate when we're finally feeling beter.


erinlarney said...

OMG, April - I'm sooo sorry to hear you're all feeling so awful. As if one person isn't bad enough, all four of you and pink eye! I remember being little with that and when my brother was a baby - oh, it sucks. i'm crossing my fingers you'll be back on the upswing any day now. You need to be! Virtual hugs and a kiss.

Missy said...

Oh no, that totally sucks. I hope you guys get through it quickly and feel better soon! I love the picture of wyatt and the baby further down... so cute, and I love that it's in black and white!

kristine said...

You guys definitely will have to celebrate when everyone is well. Hope you all get well soon!