Friday, January 18, 2008

My life is full of P's

Potty-training.... continues to go well. Evelyn is really doing well when we have her in panties in the evenings. I can't believe how much time needs to be devoted to Potty training. I'm glad that I waited until Wyatt was older and able to play by himself for 5-10 min at a time. The amount of time we spend in the bathroom is hilarious. I keep catching Wyatt crawling into the bathroom when we're not there to check it out. If I were him I'd be wondering what is so awesome about that room that causes his mom and sister to disappear so regularly. Funny. Here's Evelyn's new Elmo panties:
Pre-school... I can't believe registration for fall of 2008 is already starting. Out of 15 or so options, I have about 3-4 I'm interested in. I'm just so afraid of picking the wrong one. I need to start making appts. to check them out in person.

Baby-Proofing... Wyatt's on the move and is about 1-2 wks away from regularly pulling himself up on furniture. No more coffee/wine cups on the coffee table. No more leaving my books and newspaper laying around. We've just gotten so relaxed with so much now that Evelyn's older. Looks like he'll let us know what we need to move. He's falling into the "typical" boy stereotype. Eats a ton, can't sit still, growing like a monster...but he's still so sweet. At 8m he's already an adrenaline junky and can't get enough of spinning/jumping and being thrown up in the air.
Planning... This will be a higher travel year with a family wedding in October (in Boston) and a family reunion in Sept. (Illinois). I'm also trying to figure out a short weekend get-away for our 5th wedding anniversary in May/June.

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Angela said...

Good luck with the potty training. It is amazing how much time and energy is devoted to getting them out of diapers.
We have started the preschool search as well. It is amazing how early it has to be done. I go to see the last of the 4 I have chosen tomorrow. I think the most important thing to remember is that you know your child and to trust your instincts. Good luck!