Monday, February 25, 2008

A new family addition

Actually there are two new family additions...Dorothy the fish and Elmo the fish. Evelyn completed her 2nd potty chart and Neil took her to the fish store to buy a pet. Unfortunately Dorothy the 1st didn't last 24 hrs so it was back to the fish store to pick up another and Neil decided that two was better than one. They've been around for a few days and seem to be doing well. I guess they are here to stay. Here she is with her new fish bowl.
Wyatt is on the verge of walking with help. He'll push something along to give him balance, but you can see the hesitation in his face to take a step alone. He's also briefly standing for a few seconds at a time. His new favorite game is trying to "catch" a ball. He's just crazy about balls.
I was able to "escape" this past weekend to a scrapbooking cabin with some other ladies. It was so nice to have some time to myself and lots of decent meals that I didn't have to cook. I started a family scrapbook and love it. This is the 2nd time I've done this and I'd love to be able to do it once or twice a year.

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kristine said...

That is excellent that Evelyn is doing so well! Good idea on the fish! Yay for Wyatt for almost walking - keep on keepin' on, buddy! Good for you for going on the scrabooking thing. You need time for youself!