Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rambling Thoughts

  • I signed Evie up for preschool yesterday. I can hardly believe she'll be in "School" this fall. I think she's ready and will definately benefit from the interaction and seperation from me.
  • Wyatt's getting his top two teeth. They started popping through last week. He also made his first sign. He signed "more" to me when I was feeding him blue berries. So far that's the only sign he uses on a regular basis. His face looks pretty rugged since he's always bumping it on the coffee table. Just as an old bruise fades, a new one appears. He's much more coordinated than Evelyn at this age, so I think he'll be walking sooner than she did.
  • I'm currently painting our dining room. Old color was red and yellow stripes on a white wall. I can't believe I ever painted stripes. I did 4-5 coats of red to get the true color and now there's a ridge where the stripes are. I'm having to sand down the egdes of the strips so that the new color doesn't come through "bumpy". Pain in the butt. Don't ever paint red stripes. New color is Behr Gobi Dessert.
  • Two home improvement projects: Gas fireplace and new kitchen flooring and appliances. Hopefully the fireplace will be installed in 2-3wks and after that we'll plan on working on the kitchen floor installing wood laminate. I'm also looking for a new kitchen color. We don't get a lot of light and it's currently a sage green. For some reason this week, I'm drawn to light browns.


kristine said...

I bet it has got to feel weird knowing your little baby is going off to preschool. she is 3, right?
I like the new color you are doing your dining room (I googled it) It looks nice. I can't imagine having to sand down the stripes first. What a pain!

Barbara said...

It's hard to believe Evie is old enough for preschool already! I must be getting old...

By the way, I tagged you, when you can take some time off from painting :)