Tuesday, March 4, 2008

RIP Dorothy and Elmo fishies.

We were not meant to be a family with fishes. Dorothy the 1st didn't last 24 hrs. The second two lasted 2 short weeks. I'm so dissapointed and tried so hard to do everything right. Luckily I didn't have to tell Evie about the fishes taking a swim down the big white bowl. She said they went back to the pet store to visit their family and we can visit them there. Whew! No more fish for us right now.


Marketing Mama said...

Oh no - how sad! We went through this with fish a couple years ago - but we invested in a big tank, lots of fish, etc. THey all ended up dying and it was too traumatic for me. Never again!

kristine said...

That's too bad. At least Evelyn set the story for you so you didn't even have to say anything about it. Sorry that happened, though.