Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5 years!!!

Has it really been five years since I've become Mrs. Ankrum? It really does feel as if it could have been last year. A new home, then a daughter, then a son. Our lives really are so very different than they were in 2003. I asked Neil over the weekend what we did with all our spare time when we first got married. More evenings out. More dinner parties. More time to do whatever we wanted I suppose. More time for home projects and more time for each other. Now we consider ourselves lucky if we can get away for a date a few times a year. The time we have alone now is definately more cherished.

Neil's folks took the kids overnight and we went to dinner at Fogo de Choa. What an experience. I haven't seen so much meat in my entire life. Of course I ate too much and we had to take a long walk when we came back. Then we had a nice fire in our outdoor fire place and made smores.
I hope the next five years are an enjoyable as the first!


kristine said...

Isn't it just crazy? Our 5 year is next week.
Congratulations on your 5 years - glad you got to go out! That's wonderful!

Emilie said...

Happy anniversary, April! I have been thinking about all us May brides a lot this month. What nice memories ... I can't believe five years has gone by so quickly.

Monkeymama said...

Happy Anniversary! Greg and I often wonder what we used to do with our time before kids came along. He said, "That's how we got the kids." :)

We love Fogo de Chao - the food tastes so good!

Marketing Mama said...

Congratulations on 5 years! You two look awesome and still happy and very much in love. :)

How is it I've never heard of this restaurant? I must go check it out!