Thursday, May 8, 2008

All done! (delayed post)

Wyatt and I made it to 11 months of breastfeeding. It was my choice to stop, I think he likely would have continued gladly. I breastfed Evelyn for 10 months and that was a much harder journey. Not so much because she was my first, but because I went back to work for 5 months and pumped during that time. It was really hard to keep my supply up. I ended our nursing relationship when she was 10m to TTC again.

Nursing Wyatt at home was so much easier, obviously. I was lucky to not have latch issues with either kids, but I did experience more clogged ducts with Wyatt.

It's been a month and there are still times I want to nurse him. Mainly because that was the only time he would sit still in my arms. I can say I'm glad to get rid of my nursing bras. "The girls" look a little worse for wear, but they will never be in the same place they were before. All-in-all I felt like it was a very good experience for both me and the kids.


Marketing Mama said...

Wow, April, congrats! Both on nursing for 11 months, and for a sense of accomplishment as you have ended this part of your mommy-role with Wyatt. :)

kristine said...