Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gutter language???

Evelyn's been trying out some funny phrases that Neil and I say. Here's what she comes up with:

Me: "Evelyn, do you want some milk?"
E: "Heck, yeah!"

Me: "Evelyn, it's time for bed"
E: "Dat's crap"
(This one is totally my fault. I say crap instead of other swear words)

Me: "Evelyn, do you want to go outside?"
E: "True-dat"

The verdict is still out whether she'll make these phrases part of her regular vocabulary. I'd rather she didn't. She's cute saying these now, but in a few years it won't be so cute. Of course she thinks the funniest word in the world is "poop". When she's being silly she'll attach it to body parts to create her own funny creations. She usually stop if we ignore her.


Emilie said...

That's cute! Daniel doesn't say those things, but he does say, "Goodness gracious!" and things like that. I'm surprised, frankly, that he hasn't started saying the cuss words that his parents say with some regularity. :-|

kristine said...

That's cute! I like "dat's crap" the best. Graycen doesn't say that...yet... crap is also my choice word. Now, David has dropped the f-bomb and she has repeated it.. Her newest thing to say though, is "oh god!"