Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My last day in my 20s!

How have I done on my "goals" of this past year?

1. Try a new recipe every month
2. Exercise regularly
3. Create a family scrapbook
4. Give up my daily diet coke
5. Become more organized
6. Keep the kid's scrapbooks up to date
7. Make regular "Dates" with friends
8. Volunteer to help and organization or event
9. Make a new friend
10. Read more books by authors I don't know
11. Donate unused items/clothing
12. Research presidential candidates
13. Help a friend/family or neighbor in need
14. Read food labels before buying
15. Create more relaxing/recharging moments for myself
16. Think before I snack
17. Take a moment to enjoy my children everyday
18. Do something special for my 5yr anniversary
19. Find a new way to manage stress
20. Educate myself how to lead a greener life
21. Memorize Neil's cell number
22. Give blood
23. Write more letters
24. Eat less processed food
25. Be proud of myself
26. Attend church more regularly
27. Appreciate my husband more often
28. Recognize special dates in other peoples lives (bdays, anniv...)
29. Try to be more positive in nature

The only thing I didn't accomplish this year was give blood. Something to think about and try to do this next year.

On the eve of my 30th birthday I'm not feeling nostolgic or sad, but I'm not feeling extremely happy about having to say I'm in my 30s either. It's more indifference. One number isn't going to define who I am or how young I feel. Overall my 20s were a very fun place to be. Meeting Neil, a marriage, a new house, a daughter and a son. I'm thinking there won't be so many life changes in my 30s. Maybe a little more time for relaxation and more time for Neil and I. I predict vacations will be more enjoyable as the kids become more independant.

I feel very lucky to have been blessed with 30 years of health and happiness. Happy Birthday to me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dental dismay!

Yesterday was Wyatt's first trip to the dentist. Unfortunately we didn't come out with a healthy check-up. He has decay (cavities) on at least 4 of his 10 teeth!!! I knew of at least two of the teeth and thought they were just discolored, but nope, it's decay. I felt enormous guilt at first, but the dentist said that this is a result of not enough enamel, and that was determined when he was developing as a fetus. (again more guilt felt, since I "grew" him). The thin enamel is present on almost all his baby teeth. (sniff, sniff). So we'll have to go to Children's Hospital and he'll be put under so that she can Xray the teeth and treat them.

The "putting under" really scares me since neither him nor Evie have even done that. We'll schedule the procedure some time in the next two weeks. My poor little guy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evie's first day of preschool

Evie started PreSchool on Tuesday and it went as well as I could have hoped. She was really excited all morning and when we finally got to school it was evident that she wanted to be there. The program that she's in is twice a week for 2 1/2 hrs. I stay part of the time every Tuesday.

She kept asking me to leave, ha! I guess she's not as dependant on me as she use to be. I was happy to see a diverse class of children including a handicapped child. It's been hard trying to expose her to different things/people staying at home and I think this program will be just what she needs right now. A few of the children could even write their names, very impressive. Evelyn is the youngest in the class with a late August birthday.

Here she is exploring her new locker!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day recap

This past weekend we travelled to Vandalia, IL for my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. We took the drive down in 2 days and the weekend was a blast. I was able to see cousins that I hadn't seen in 10 yrs. Meet new additions (spouses and babies) that I had never seen before. At first it seems overwhelming to belong to such a large family, but after a short time you realize that's what they are: family.

Sat. night was a large celebration and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Sunday we had a mass at my grandparent's church to celebrate their marriage. Spending time with my Dad's side of the family makes me sad that we don't live closer. I really enjoyed the company of my cousin's and aunts/uncles. I think we'll try to go down at least every other year now.

Here's the Themig clan (8 missing from the photo). We are the ones in blue in the back.

Evelyn's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Evie's 3rd birthday at the park this year. She invited a few little friends and it was really so much easier than the large parties we've thrown in the past. The kids played on the playground equipment, ate lunch/cake and painted turtle stepping stones that my MIL had made. There was almost no setup and a fast and easy clean-up. This just might be our new spot for b-day parties for the kids.