Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dental dismay!

Yesterday was Wyatt's first trip to the dentist. Unfortunately we didn't come out with a healthy check-up. He has decay (cavities) on at least 4 of his 10 teeth!!! I knew of at least two of the teeth and thought they were just discolored, but nope, it's decay. I felt enormous guilt at first, but the dentist said that this is a result of not enough enamel, and that was determined when he was developing as a fetus. (again more guilt felt, since I "grew" him). The thin enamel is present on almost all his baby teeth. (sniff, sniff). So we'll have to go to Children's Hospital and he'll be put under so that she can Xray the teeth and treat them.

The "putting under" really scares me since neither him nor Evie have even done that. We'll schedule the procedure some time in the next two weeks. My poor little guy.

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Marketing Mama said...

Oh Wow - that is crazy and scary! I totally understand being freaked out. I know another child that had tubes put in there and they were amazingly child-friendly - way more than I expected. She and her parent had a fabulous experience. Try not to feel guilty - you didn't do anything to cause this!