Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evie's first day of preschool

Evie started PreSchool on Tuesday and it went as well as I could have hoped. She was really excited all morning and when we finally got to school it was evident that she wanted to be there. The program that she's in is twice a week for 2 1/2 hrs. I stay part of the time every Tuesday.

She kept asking me to leave, ha! I guess she's not as dependant on me as she use to be. I was happy to see a diverse class of children including a handicapped child. It's been hard trying to expose her to different things/people staying at home and I think this program will be just what she needs right now. A few of the children could even write their names, very impressive. Evelyn is the youngest in the class with a late August birthday.

Here she is exploring her new locker!

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kristine said...

Awww...she looks sooo big!!! I would be a wreck!