Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our first trip to the hosptial

Yesterday was our first trip with one of our Children to the hospital to have some dental work done. I was really scared because of the anesthetic; I had a bad experience a number of years ago when I got my wisdom teeth removed. It was a long day with lots of waiting. Neil held Wyatt while he was being put under while I sat in the waiting room and cried. Luckily there were other parents there who talked to me and helped me feel better. One of the mom's had a little girl who was having teeth pulled and ended up with a few root canals. My heart sank for her.

Wyatt ended up with 6 cavities filled. Oy! I keep telling myself at least we caught this when we did and not later. When Wyatt started rousing they came and got us. I got to hold him and after 1/2 cup of apple juice he took another little nap on my shoulder. He just wasn't ready to get up quite then. When we woke him up 40 min later he had a big smile for us and I knew my little buddy was ok.

He was starving when we came home and he ate a ton of dinner and then was ready to eat again 1 hr. later! He slept good last night and as far as I can tell he doesn't know what went on. Overall it was a good experience for us. The medical professionals had great communication and we didn't have any surprises. For now, we'll be focusing on keeping his teeth clean and flossed. It's wonderful seeing his teeth white and not yellow.


kristine said...

Oh that reminds me of our trip to children's for Grycen to have an endoscopy done. it was horrible. glad to hear all is well though! yay for clean, white teeth!

Barbara said...

Sounds totally stressful--I'm glad everything turned out okay, and Wyatt now has lovely white little teeth!