Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deep thoughts

All I seem to think about these days is how fortunate we are. There isn't anything we need that we don't have and really our list of "wants" is mostly related to having/planning fun with our family. It must be something about getting older or having children. I've always felt "lucky", but more so now with two health and happy children playing in the background.

We're participating in sponsoring a family for Christmas this year instead of buying some adult gifts. I had a magical moment a few weeks ago while walking to the cash register with a red bike in my cart. I felt like I was floating on clouds thinking of the small boy who would recieve this gift. I haven't felt the true spirit of Christmas in past years. Looking at the bike with a large gold bow on it makes me feel like there's hope in the world. Hope for humans to unite instead of fight. Hope for people to ban together to tackle world hunger and disease. Hope to save our planet from global warming.

The need to pray for others has also been very strong lately. I feel helpless with so many around us that suffer. Disease, health issues, cancer, death. It's been a very hard year for so many we know, but we've also seen so much life. So many friends and family continue to grow their families. God's will to create a circle of life is so visable to me now.

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Emilie said...

I know what you mean about the circle. Despite my own struggles, it hasn't escaped my awe that so many people I know are expecting babies right now. It lifts me up to see so much new life coming into the world!